About Brian Dansel

``I believe it is my job to fight for the freedoms and liberties of ALL my constituents— regardless of what someone’s personal politics are.``

Proven Leader and People's Advocate

Brian Dansel was born and raised in Republic, Washington, to a contractor and an elementary school secretary. He credits his upbringing in a rural, working-class family as the foundation for his entrance into politics. Having witnessed firsthand how someone with the right character can give voice to many who would otherwise be overlooked by the political process, Dansel was motivated to make a difference.

Elected as Ferry County Commissioner in 2010, Dansel served in that role for a full term until he was elected to the Washington State Senate, representing the 7th Legislative District. A pivotal moment in Dansel’s legislative career was his success in passing a bill that allowed smaller counties the option to opt out of the Growth Management Act. This move protected private property rights for his constituents and showcased his effectiveness as a voice for the people he represents.

In 2017, Dansel was appointed by President Donald Trump to serve as an advisor at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the National Economic Council. Dansel advocated for policies such as fair trade, increased timber harvest on federal lands, and decentralization of decision-making to the local level. He provided crucial advice on forest plan revisions at the Forest Service and contributed to the development of the 2018 Farm Bill. Subsequently, Dansel was appointed as the State Executive Director of the Farm Service Agency, where he tirelessly advocated for ranchers, wheat farmers, crop farmers, fruit growers, and dairy farmers.

One of Dansel’s proudest moments during his tenure was his involvement in saving the LeClerc Creek Grazing Allotment—a multi-generational allotment threatened by federal government plans to repurpose the land, which would have rendered the rancher’s operation obsolete. Dansel intervened and successfully prevented this outcome, demonstrating his commitment to advocating for his constituents’ interests.

Dansel concluded his career in the Trump Administration as the Pacific Northwest Regional Director of the USDA, overseeing three agencies in a six-state region. His approach to this role was distinct—he sought to build a team comprising individuals not solely from government backgrounds but also from the private arena, individuals with deep roots in their communities and a track record of success. Dansel aimed to bridge political divides and deliver optimal results for the people of Washington State’s 5th Congressional District.

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